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ah yes i hate it when i turn into a puddle monster XD. On a serious note, I like the consept with this one and it provided some spookyness i liked so gg dev! :)

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Absolutely loved this game ! Literally every aspect of it ! I completed a speedrun and got the game up on where the WR has already been beat ! ^^
Am hoping more people check out this great game! 
I also have a longplay!

Was a long game, but worth it. Anything with a lighthouse I have to play and having gore is a benefit. I love it. Thank you.

A masterpiece.

This game was so fun!


I feel like it was too padded (both in the number of days and the numbers of times going up and down without anything happening; plus every night had essentially the same screams).

Other than that, I think this is quite good! I particularly enjoyed the writing, it did more than just point at Lovecraft and included some of his poetic quality.

The FOV was a bit too much, though I understand the purpose to create slight distortions (which became huge ones when close to the textures). Finally, perhaps some "heartbeat" pulsing to the moving textures would have fit a bit better, perhaps? And using texture displacement to create local contractions instead of simple translations would have been nicer, perhaps.

Still, it was quite good, good job!

This was absolutely insane and I loved every second! I was completely stunned at the end of it. Good job can't wait for more!


Very atmospheric horror that reminded me of the works of Howard Lovecraft!


Очень добротный хоррор, который держит в страхе всю игру. Спасибо за труды.

So well done! reminded me of Presentable Liberty from back when! 

Thank you for sharing your art, I can't imagine changing a single thing about it. I am SO impressed! 

Game's main concept reminded me of SOMA final dilemma.


Played the game, of course, I'm enjoying your games

A very neat lil experience! It feels like a lot of love was put into this game and it shows, it's surreal and goes much deeper than you'd expect. Give it a shot ^~^

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