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this game is really good. if you're reading this, give it a chance!

amazing game, at one point i assumed it was about death so it took me completely off guard when the next person was a kid 

the atmosphere is wonderful too, great work !!


I love the atmosphere - truly, being a ferry man with such a dramatic sky and bleak sea is inspiring!

I do think the game needs more "development". Beyond the handful of lines by each character, the game just plays the "same key" for 30 minutes, which gets very dull and kind of ruins the experience, to me.

Perhaps more thoughtful and dynamic music would help, as would writing (perhaps some poetry to keep in mind in relation to each character during the otherwise silent trips).

Also, just a nitpick - the crosshatching shader doesn't look great on the sky, probably because the colors are static, it ends up looking rather unnatural. Perhaps a noise filter would work better in this particular situation. It looks great on the remaining objects, though.

Either way, great job on this; the first couple of minutes alone are worth the remainder of the time!

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This game is very, very good. Continue doing this stuff, one of these days you'll be noticed by someone bigger like Markiplier, and you'll get a boost. You need to be noticed way, WAY more.

I Think there is a deeper meaning behind this game, and i don't know if I'm right or wrong. because I'm just messing up with my gameplay. sometimes it is hard to control the boat but anyway, good game. i like the graphics and the story.

There is no Linux version. Just the Windows exe.

bloody awesome style. well-done!!!

I enjoyed this game a lot. It's slow and calm, and I like how even though a lesson could be gleaned from each character, it's also very much just an experience, a world with characters to interact with and learn a bit about before sending them off.


What a great little game that shows different people's reactions to thier final days after being stuck in some kind of limbo for quite some time and also including your final moments too.The game has a wonderful retro asthetic and neat characters, the only complaint i would have is how the boat handles while being rowed around by you other than that a good game to play, it was an enjoyable experience despite the sombre tone.


finally finished the game, i didn`t do a video because it will take time to upload and my internet is not very much strong, just a bit, the game was mega great and fun, and i elso finished seashells, i wonder what will you new next game be

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beauty short story

i love the bony boy!!!!!! very good game