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b u r y   t h e   b i r d s
t h e y   w i l l   f l y   t h r o u g h  t h e   d i r t

a short, five-minute experience visually inspired by the aesthetics of PS1 survival horror games


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Into The Woods - Windows x86.7z 32 MB
Into The Woods - Windows x64.7z 34 MB
Into The Woods - Mac OS X.7z 42 MB
Into The Woods - Linux x64.7z 47 MB


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I'm a bit late, but I finally was able to give it a go, here's my Lets Play 

To a cozy place.

unsettling walking experience! loved it <3

Made a video

Very creepy, the child can stand the darkness and very brave too. Good game!

Very mysterious, and quite creepy. Very good game, wish there was more to it! But very good.

This was so vague and mysterious and it just worked! Absolutely loved it! 

Nice, short, simple game. Reminded me of Pet Semetary walking to the woods with the graves! Here's my playthrough

This kid was much braver than I was as a child. I was afraid to walk down my driveway at night. 10/10. Bravest kid in gaming. Very creepy and interesting game. I loved the retro aesthetic. Keep it up! 

im actually kinda confused with this game because i dont know what am i supposed to do but it's a cool game

loved it <33

Hi Leakyfingers, thanks so much for making this game! As much as I dislike the fixed camera angles & reversed controls, you did a fantastic job and it gave your game true retro PS1 vibes. The transition each time I entered another area (the door, the stairs) was very well appreciated, this game was well planned and well executed. The fact that every dialog had a dark turn was surely unexpected. I gotta say that the ending was confusing, what made the boy go Into the Woods and end it all?? Who the fudge was with the boy at the end there?? Very mysterious, much wow.

I love the mystery going on here. I really felt some Amigara Fault inspiration, especially towards the end. The sounds and everything was great as well. I REALLY wanted to know more but maybe not getting a full understanding helps keep that great mystery intact. Thanks for making the game! I enjoyed it.

Good game. Short but impressive.

Great game poor little timmy though.

The camera angles in this were neat, some notes to clear up the story a bit would be nice but over all it wasn't bad, good work :)


this game brought me immense joy and discomfort

creepy story

Cool game! Keep up the good work!

Neat little game. The overall design is fine. I enjoyed the creepy camera angles the most. Story stayed a mystery and the sound design could be improved, also, I got stuck on 2 cameras, maybe it was nothing, but overall, enjoyed my time. Good one.